Why Modern Farmhouse Style Doesn't Have to Be Your Style

I’ll admit, I love the Modern Farmhouse Style. The clean whites & grays, the cute farm animals, the rustic woods, the simplicity of it all.

But not all of us live in a farmhouse.

Maybe you live in the middle of a metropolitan city with no free-roaming cows within a 20 mile radius. Or maybe you live on the coast and a farmhouse next to a colorful Mediterranean would look odd.

Where Have All the Colors Gone?

Are you humming along to Paula Cole now? You’re welcome…

But really, what happened to loving colors? The beautiful blues, vibrant reds, deep greens, and splashes of accent colors? I’m not suggesting we go back to the 90s/2000s era of beige and red, but there are SO many colorful options out there that aren’t being used because everyone feels pushed to love the Modern Farmhouse.

Look at these colorful rooms:

Don’t you just want to cozy up in this room with a great book and cup of coffee??

How fun is this hallway, made interesting just by adding a simple wallpaper?

Simple splashes of color.

Simple light gray walls make a great backdrop to the wallpapered ceiling and rich chairs.

What’s Your Style?

While I’m sure we all appreciate so MANY different design styles, we each have a preference for what we want in our own homes. It’s interesting how several clients, when we go through the initial discovery call, have actually had to specify, “I don’t think I’m farmhouse style.” It’s as if that is the norm, and people are worried if that isn’t them!!

Friends, I’m here to say, you can have a different style and it will still look amazing! Look at this rendering of a condo in the city we’re working on:


I admit, I haven’t used a lot of contemporary furnishings in designs, so this was a fun challenge! And I love how it’s turning out. I appreciate that the client knows herself enough to know what she loves and be confident that she can let her own style show!

Love Where You Live

Let me just encourage you to have your own style! That’s one of the great things about hiring a designer- a good designer can uncover your true style and make even the “unsaid” pieces of your character come to life. They can pull together a style, plan, and work within a budget so that you love where you live.

So, if you are a Modern Farmhouse Style at heart, we love your style. And I’d love to work with you:). But if you’re secretly another style, struggling with making it all come together in your home, email or call me! Let’s make your home beautiful.

Email me sara at morrisdesignco dot com or call me at 404.788.0556.